Stump Removal Bucket

The EDGE Stump Removal Bucket is ideal for quick and efficient removal of tree stumps and roots. Three 23-Series cast steel teeth dig deep under roots. With a tilt of the quick attach, side teeth on the bucket cut through stubborn roots. This versatile tool can also be used for digging ditches, moving trees and installing rock using it's funnel shape. The bucket measures 20" high, 62.5" long and features a 1/2" laser-cut-steel bucket with a 1" thick cutting edge for added durability.

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  • Cost-effective attachment for removal of tree stumps and roots
  • Three durable 23-Series cast teeth dig deep under stumps
  • Side teeth on bucket cut through and help extract stubborn roots
  • 1/2" laser-cut funnel shaped bucket carrys heavy rocks or trees
  • 1" thick cutting edge trenches ditches

Stump Removal Bucket Wt (lbs) Model Overall Length (in/mm) Overall Width (in/mm) Height (in/mm) Depth (in/mm) Cutting Edge Point Width (in/mm) Bucket Tip Width (in/mm)
Stump Removal Bucket
372 SRB57 62.5/1587.5 46/1168 20/508 57/1448 16.5/419 14.5/368
Replacement Parts
Tooth Pin for 23 Series tooth - 2.13" long
23 Series Standard Tooth (length 5.85 in/149 mm)