Silage Defacer

The EDGE Silage Defacer is perfect for farmers with open-pit silage bunkers. It reduces spoilage by exposing less surface area to air and moisture. The open design allows operators to see the bunker face when working, and there are adjustable guides for depth of cut up to 3". Maintenance is easy with a rachet cam chain tension adjustment. Comes complete with hoses and flat face couplers.

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  • Extended frame for reach 10' beyond skid loader lift height
  • Full 96" width cut for cutting next to walls
  • Adjustable guides for depth of cut
  • Abrasion-resistant, high-strength cutter

Silage Defacer Wt (lbs) Model Hyd. Req. (gpm/lpm) Overall Width (in/mm) Reach (in/mm) Digging Depth (in/mm)
96" Bunker Silo Defacer
1100 SF96 18-22/68-83 96/2438 120/3048 3/76
Replacement Parts
Hose Saver Kit 5/8" ID