Onboard Scale

The onboard scale measures, displays and records the dynamic or static weight of a load on or in a bucket, combination bucket, grapple or pallet fork. It measures the hydraulic pressure in the lift arm circuit as the load is lifted past a sensor. An ideal accessory for measuring mulch, stone, feed or other materials in the loader bucket. Weigh material as it is being loaded into a dump truck and prevent expensive over-weight tickets!

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  • Reduce or eliminate overweight tickets
  • Calibrate scale based on material type or attachment type
  • Weighing accuracy of +/- 2%
  • Can be used on many types of front end loaders

Onboard Scale Wt (lbs) Model Suitable For No. of Channels Load Sensor Rating (psi/bar) System Accuracy Temperature Range (F/C)
No Mount
Weighlog 100 Load Monitor Skid Steer only
25 WL100 Skid Loaders 5 0-3625/0-250 +/-2% -22 to 122/-30 to 50
Weighlog 200 Load Monitor for Skid Steer and Compact Wheel Loader
16 WL200 Skid/Wheel Loaders 5 0-3625/0-250 +/-2% -22 to 122/-30 to 50
Weighlog 3030 Load Monitor for Skid Steer, Wheel Loader, and Telehandler (4 Sensors)
29 WL3030 Skid/Wheel Loader/Telehandler 10 0-3625/0-250 +/-2% -22 to 100/-30 to 50
Optional Equipment
ICP300 Printer for Weighlog 200 and 3030